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New York Personal Injury Attorneys

Serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx And The Entire NYC Metro

If you have been injured anywhere in or near New York City and believe another person caused the accident, we are here to help. When you reach out to our law firm, you can count on personal attention and honest guidance from a lawyer with decades of experience.

Led by trial attorney Charles Gershbaum, we focus our practice on personal injury claims arising from events such as:

Serious And Moderate Injury Claims · Efficient Communication Wherever You Live

We effectively represent people who have suffered burn injuries, spinal injuries, brain injuries and other harms that may be permanently disabling — as well as those with more moderate injuries that require medical care and recovery time. In every case, we invest the time and effort necessary — and if necessary, involve experts as needed — to show the total impact of the accident on our client’s life and future.

Our lawyers have won favorable outcomes for clients residing in all five boroughs and elsewhere in the greater metro area, including Long Island and Westchester County. We have also filed cases and collected for many out-of-state residents injured while visiting New York.

Call 212-385-2121 To Tell A Lawyer What Happened · Se Habla Español

If you are wondering whether you should contact a New York City personal injury lawyer, it is time to make the call. At Gershbaum & Weisz, P.C., you can benefit from a thorough and realistic case evaluation at no charge. If we cannot succeed with your case, you will pay no attorney fees.

Car accidents occur every day on New York City’s streets, highways and bridges. Some cause only vehicle damage, but many others send victims to hospitals, doctors and seeking medical treatment to deal with significant injuries.

If this has happened to you or a family member, DO NOT trust the insurance company to take care of things and treat you fairly. Failing to get an experienced conscientious New York City injury lawyer involved promptly in the aftermath of a car accident is a mistake many people seriously regret.

Turn To A Caring, Dynamic Injury Lawyer Who Will Put Your Needs First

At the law firm of Gershbaum & Weisz, lawyers with decades of experience stand up for New Yorkers and people injured while visiting New York. You can count on us for the practical and timely advice and strong representation you need from a car accident attorney who has won trial verdicts and substantial settlements in all five NYC metro counties.

Key considerations after any auto crash or other motor vehicle accident in New York include:

  • Failing to file the no-fault insurance claim within the strict 30-day deadline — or any of many of other oversights — could leave you personally responsible for all medical expenses.
  • If you hire our firm to pursue your bodily injury or wrongful death claim, we do not charge you to file the no-fault claim. Also, you will pay no attorney fees at all if we cannot obtain compensation for you.
  • Your case may require a lawyer with access to top-quality investigators and other experts. We have those resources, along with the proven ability to take your case through trial if fault is disputed or there is no fair settlement offer.

Call 212-385-2121 · No Attorney Fee If We Do Not Succeed With Your Case

Whether you were injured by a speeding driver, one who was texting and driving, or due to any other form of negligence, our lawyers will go the distance to prove it. We have extensive experience dealing with the nuances of auto accidents, commercial truck accidents, and bicycle and pedestrian accidents.

Our clear goal at Gershbaum & Weisz, P.C., will be to recover every dollar available, and to help you get quality medical treatment, be paid lost income if you cannot work, and cope with pain and suffering. Contact us now for your free consultation.Se habla español.

Some of the most devastating accidents on NYC metro streets and freeways involve commercial trucks. Even at low or moderate speed, a collision between an ordinary passenger vehicle and a tractor-trailer rig, delivery truck or other large truck can be life-changing or fatal. If you or a family member is suffering after a truck accident, you should seek quality legal counsel as promptly as possible.

Relevant Knowledge Gained Through Trucking Case Experience

The plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer’s experience in dealing effectively with insurance companies, presenting evidence, proving fault and taking cases through trial can be pivotal in any accident case. Relevant experience is especially important after a serious commercial truck accident, however — at Gershbaum & Weisz, P.C. We emphasize:

  • Timely filing of your no-fault insurance claim to secure your right to payment for medical bills
  • Diligence in New York City area truck accident investigation, aided by qualified experts as needed and informed by strong knowledge of state and federal trucking laws
  • Exploration of all suspected and potential accident causes through analysis of the trucker’s driving record, log books, drug test results, required commercial driver records and other key evidence
  • Exposure of all viable sources of recovery, such as multiple insurance policies held by the owners of the cab vs. the trailer
  • Determination to build the best case possible for our client’s recovery and addresses issues such as lost earnings, property damage, past and future medical expenses and pain and suffering

Personal Attention From A Proven Trial Lawyer · Call 212-385-2121 Now

Our principal litigator Charles Gershbaum has won substantial settlements and verdicts in all five boroughs and elsewhere in New York. He is adept at assessing the value of serious injury and wrongful death claims, so you can count on him for straight talk and realistic expectations.

Beginning with a free consultation, your case and your well-being will be priorities at our firm. You will work with Mr. Gershbaum — not a paralegal or associate attorney — every step of the way. For the serious, results-driven representation you need, call or email our Manhattan law firm right now.

As a bike rider in New York City, I can confirm that, New York drivers do not do a good job of looking out for bike riders. Even the most skilled rider is extremely vulnerable to serious injuries when hit by a car, struck by a car door, a turning truck or bus or other motor vehicle. If this has happened to you or a loved one, fast action to put qualified legal counsel on your side can be critical.

Responsiveness And Fast Action For Bike Crash Victims

At Gershbaum & Weisz, P.C., we will move quickly to investigate your bicycle accident and protect your right to compensation. You will work directly with proven trial lawyer Charles Gershbaum, who is knowledgeable of the issues in such cases as an avid bicyclist himself. While you focus on your medical and personal recovery, we will fight for every dollar you deserve.

Intersection Collisions · Driver Distraction · “Dooring” Accidents

A car-bike collision in Manhattan, another borough or community near the NYC metropolitan area may have left you with an injury that such as back injury, broken clavicle, multiple fractures, brain injury or other life-changing medical problems. The bicycle accident attorney you choose should:

  • Have insight into the possible causes of bicyclist injuries, including texting and driving as well as other distractions, improper turns, failure to yield and incidents where the cyclist is “doored” by a careless driver exiting his or her vehicle
  • Be adept at bringing forth medical evidence, identifying all applicable insurance coverage, and putting an accurate and realistic value on your claim
  • Possess the trial experience essential for compelling an insurance company to propose a fair settlement or invest what is necessary to build the case for court

Do Not Wait To Find The Legal Strength Your Injury Case Requires

Over the past 20-plus years, we have obtained significant verdicts and settlements for personal injury victims and their families in all five NYC boroughs — as well as many people injured while visiting New York. Our firm is respected in the courts and known for providing needed guidance and straight counsel. For a free consultation focused squarely on your needs and legal options, call 212-385-2121 or email us right now. Se habla español.

Pedestrian rundowns and knockdowns are all too common throughout the five boroughs. They happen in crosswalks and even on sidewalks due to drivers’ carelessness when turning or changing lanes, leaving or entering alleys and parking ramps. The consequences for victims are often personally devastating and include spinal injuries, brain injuries, fractures and other serious harms.

Decades Of Experience In Insurance Negotiations And At Trial

At the firm of Gershbaum & Weisz, P.C., in Manhattan, crosswalk and intersection accident litigation is a clear strength. We have successfully represented numerous pedestrians and their families. With more than 20 years of relevant case experience, trial lawyer Charles Gershbaum has in-depth knowledge of:

  • All aspects of New York Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL), including pedestrians’ right of way in crosswalks, drivers failure to yield and the obligations of drivers in other situations
  • Effective strategies for overcoming driver and insurance company claims that a pedestrian “darted out” into traffic
  • All steps and details necessary for filing no-fault insurance claims to help ensure medical bills are paid and lost wages covered, if applicable

Filing insurance claims and negotiating on your own after a pedestrian accident — or any other car or other motor vehicle crash — are major risks. You may be misled about what your claim is worth and leave money on the table by settling too quickly. A single, honest mistake could leave you with no way to pay thousands in medical bills. Our legal team will take control, keep you informed and work to ensure those things do not happen.

All Types Of Injuries · Solid, Active Communication If You Live Outside NYC

If you have a back, neck or knee injury or other injuries that could be permanently disabling — or if you have more moderate injuries that are nonetheless painful and costly — we are here to help. Our active communication approach and use of technology will be invaluable if you were injured while visiting New York and need a local attorney familiar with the local laws and rules of the local courts.

Call 212-385-2121 Or Reach Out To Us By Email Now

You can count on a realistic assessment of the viability and value of your New York pedestrian accident case when you turn to our law firm. Our work together will begin with a free consultation, and you will pay no attorney fees if we do not succeed with your case. We welcome and value Spanish-speaking clients.

Distracted and inattentive driving are certainly not new problems, but mobile technology has brought well-deserved attention to their serious dangers. While there may be no way to get an accurate tally of how many New York auto accidents involve cellphone use, anyone who drives or bicycles frequently knows what a hazard this behavior creates.

Turn To An Experienced, Trial-Proven New York City Injury Attorney

Some accidents defy any other explanation than that the driver was not focused on the roadway. Today, this often means texting while driving or other cellphone use was a factor. If you have reason to suspect that your accident and injuries were caused by this serious form of negligence, you need a knowledgeable, dedicated lawyer on your side.

At Gershbaum & Weisz, P.C., we will prioritize your case and offer personal attention to your needs. Principal litigator Charles Gershbaum has earned favorable outcomes in complex car accident cases throughout the five boroughs, and he will work rigorously to analyze yours and build it for success. Key considerations after a distracted driving accident may include:

  • Although hand-held cellphone use while driving is illegal in New York, enforcement is problematic and it is unlikely an offending driver will be ticketed.
  • There may be other options for establishing that the driver who hit you was using his or her phone, such as locating and deposing witnesses or subpoenaing cellphone records.
  • As in all other significant auto cases, it is imperative to file a no-fault claim directly after the accident. If we handle your bodily injury claim, we take care of the no-fault filing free of charge to ensure your rights to medical and other payments are protected.

Call 212-385-2121 Now To Discuss Your Rights And Our Services

Our firm is an outstanding resource for New Yorkers and people injured while visiting the NYC metro area. If you have been injured by a reckless and inconsiderate driver, we want to know about it and do all we can to help. You will not be charged attorney fees unless we take on your case and succeed. For a free consultation and case evaluation, contact us right now. Se habla español.

Premises liability claims are challenging and work-intensive to prove in New York. Not all personal injury attorneys will take your potential case seriously when you call after a trip-and-fall or slip-and-fall accident. At Gershbaum & Weisz, P.C., in New York City, we want to know what happened and what type of injury you suffered.

Knowledge And Experience You Can Trust After A Fall On Dangerous Property

Over the course of more than two decades in practice, our principal litigator Charles Gershbaum has had substantial success with slip-and-fall accident lawsuits — including several involving failure to remove ice and snow. He will treat you with personal care and respect while offering a frank, informed assessment of whether you have a premises liability case worth pursuing.

The seriousness of your injuries and whether they can be shown to result from your fall matter considerably, but there are many other factors to consider when evaluating a premises claim. These include:

  • What evidence is available to show that the property owner was aware, or should have been aware, that a hazardous condition existed?
  • Were there witnesses who saw you fall and may be able to back up your account of what happened?
  • Is insurance available — and what events and types of damages does the applicable policy cover?

A Manhattan premises liability attorney at our firm will not offer false hope or empty promises. If our in-depth legal knowledge indicates you may have a strong case, however, we will move quickly to investigate. We know that many slip-and-fall accident victims have life-changing, extremely costly injuries, and we represent our clients with passion and determination.

Free Case Evaluation · Call 212-385-2121 Now If You Have Been Injured

Prompt action to get legal advice may be essential. If you have fallen, been seriously hurt and believe the property owner should be held accountable for negligence, you can speak to a lawyer at our firm free of charge. You will pay no attorney fees if we do not pursue your case and succeed in getting you financial compensation. Se habla español.

The unexpected loss of a loved one in a fatal car accident, other type of vehicle accident or under other circumstances is a devastating blow. If you believe your family member’s death was caused by someone else’s recklessness or mistake, your grief may be all the more difficult to manage and express.

Legal Guidance You Can Trust In A Trying And Pivotal Time

In this traumatic time, you need experienced legal counsel you can trust. While the thought of wrongful death litigation is intimidating, recovering the compensation you deserve may be essential to your financial future. At Gershbaum & Weisz, P.C., we offer genuine empathy along with proven strength in settlement negotiations and the courtroom.

Key considerations when evaluating a New York wrongful death attorney include:

  • Does this lawyer have prior experience pursuing fatal accident claims, including familiarity with New York Surrogate’s Court procedures?
  • Do you have confidence in this lawyer’s commitment to investigate rapidly and thoroughly, bring forth key evidence and depose witnesses effectively?
  • Will his or her skill and trial experience command respect from opposing counsel, an insurance company or other potentially liable parties?

Extensive High-Stakes Case Experience · Honest, Active Communication

Our principal litigator Charles Gershbaum has all these qualities. Clients appreciate his open communication style and diligence in assessing the realistic value of their claims. Whether your case involves a car accident, pedestrian or bicycle accident, an apartment fire or some other tragic event, he has applicable case experience and access to the qualified experts needed to help you get fair and just compensation.

Call 212-385-2121 · No Attorney Fees If We Do Not Succeed With Your Case

We assist people in all five boroughs and beyond, including many who live out of state but must pursue personal injury or wrongful death claims in New York. If you are looking for a qualified attorney who will be understanding toward you and aggressive in the pursuit of your rights, call or email our Manhattan law firm for your free consultation and case evaluation. If you communicate best in Spanish, we can communicate well with you.

If an NYC apartment fire or other catastrophic event has left you or a family member with burn injuries, you are no doubt facing a long, difficult recovery. The medical expenses associated with treatment of severe burns can be overwhelming, multiple surgeries may be required and scarring may be permanently life-altering.

Injured Due To Landlord Negligence? Burned In A Major Car Accident?

If you believe you were victimized by someone’s negligence, we want to know about it at the Manhattan personal injury law firm Gershbaum & Weisz, P.C. A highly experienced attorney at our firm will rigorously and honestly assess your potential case against, for example:

  • A negligent landlord who failed to install and maintain working smoke detectors/alarms in accordance with the Residential Code of New York State and other applicable laws
  • A reckless driver who caused your serious car accident and subsequent car fire or explosion

A Trial-Ready Legal Team Adept At Recovering Maximum Compensation

Our principal litigator Charles Gershbaum has focused on personal injury and wrongful death advocacy throughout his 20-plus-year career. As an attorney for burn injury victims, he is exceptionally prepared to:

  • Lead a prompt, thorough investigation into your residential fire or other event, aided by qualified experts as needed
  • Work zealously to establish the full extent of your total medical costs, rehabilitative needs, lost income and other damages that may be recoverable
  • Start building your valid case for a potential trial from the outset, which is essential for compelling insurance companies or other liable parties to engage in reasonable settlement negotiations

Having obtained verdicts and settlement in every New York City-area borough and county, often in the face of large-firm opposition, our lawyers will not be intimidated by complexities of your case. For empathetic, reliable guidance beginning with a free consultation, call 212-385-2121 or email our firm right now. You will not owe attorney fees unless we take your case and succeed for you. Se habla español.

A blow to the head in a car accident, due to a fall, or under other circumstances can have extremely far-reaching consequences for the victim. While some severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are quickly and properly diagnosed, the effects of concussions and other, more “mild” injuries may take time to recognize. Victims suffer difficulty thinking and expressing themselves, along with personality changes and mood issues that seriously impact their lives.

Medical Care And Sound Legal Counsel Are Essential For Head Trauma Sufferers

If you or a loved one has suffered any degree of head trauma in an accident, it is critical to get quality medical care. You should also speak to a knowledgeable attorney for brain injury victims such as Charles Gershbaum at our firm. If the injury occurred as a motorist or passenger, bicyclist or pedestrian, you will need to file a no-fault insurance claim promptly — and we can take care of that free of charge if we also pursue your personal injury case.

Work With An Attorney Who Follows Research On Traumatic Brain Injuries

Mr. Gershbaum is an adept negotiator and proven trial lawyer who takes a specific interest in brain injury research. Not only does he have ready connections to qualified medical experts prepared to aid in your case, he can offer insight into what to watch for in the weeks and months after an injury-causing accident. Our firm’s strengths include:

  • Dedication to working on a close, personal level with injury victims and their families through every phase of each case we handle
  • Decades of experience bringing forth compelling evidence that demonstrates the total impact of brain injuries on our clients’ lives
  • Credibility in the courts and with opposing counsel from having earned substantial verdicts and settlements in serious injury cases in all five boroughs of New York City

Free, No-Risk Case Evaluation · Call Gershbaum & Weisz, P.C.: 212-385-2121

Unfortunately, many head trauma victims negotiate on their own and accept fast insurance settlements, only to have serious symptoms and problems emerge later. For a free consultation with a lawyer who will prioritize your case and protect your interests, contact us nowWe welcome and ably assist Spanish-speaking clients.

A visit for fun or business to New York can quickly turn sour due to an encounter with a negligent driver, or trip and fall in a poorly maintained store or hotel, or countless other types of accidents. Being injured in such a huge city without close personal or professional connections to rely on is an intimidating experience.

NYC Accident? A Local Personal Injury Attorney You Can Trust Is One Call Away.

Whether you are still in New York City after your accident or have returned home, the legal team at Gershbaum & Weisz, P.C., will provide reliable, effective legal counsel. New York personal injury law is our clear focus. Led by respected trial lawyer Charles Gershbaum, we have decades of experience protecting our clients’ rights to get medical expenses paid and recover other damages.

Delivering The Responsiveness And Communication Visitor Injury Cases Require

We have built a track record of success representing visitors to New York from around the USA who were hurt while on a vacation or business trip. Factors in this success include our:

  • Fast responsiveness and forthright counsel from a lawyer — not a paralegal or assistant — in recognition of the extreme stress faced by people injured away from home
  • Outstanding, proactive communication via telephone, email or other means most convenient for distant clients
  • Many years of relevant experience pursuing litigation in all five NYC boroughs after car accidents and pedestrian accidents caused by careless drivers, slip-and-fall accidents, and a broad range of other traumatic events

Covering All The Bases To Help You Recover · Call 212-385-2121 Now

The critical requirements and deadlines associated with New York no-fault insurance law are not well understood by nonlawyers or attorneys in other states. For clients we represent in bodily injury cases, we can assist you with the filing of necessary no-fault forms on time and free of charge. Then we manage every other aspect of the case with the rigor and passion our clients deserve.

You can contact us for a free consultation and clear guidance anytime. We will charge no attorney fees unless we take your case and you receive compensation. Se habla español.

There are many great reasons to vacation in New York City. Unfortunately, there are also many ways to get injured. Traffic is intense and chaotic. Attractions and hotels may pose unexpected risks. Accidents are sometimes completely unavoidable. What should you do if your vacation was disrupted by a serious accident?

The Right Call For Counsel After An Accident Anywhere In New York City

If you or a loved one has been hurt in Manhattan or elsewhere in the NYC metro area due to someone else’s negligence, a call to the personal injury law firm of Gershbaum & Weisz, P.C., is the right call. We have decades of experience obtaining fair compensation for injury victims. Our case successes have included several for visitors from New Jersey, Florida, Washington, other states, Peurto Rico and China.

You Need A Local Lawyer Versed In New York Law And Familiar with New York City Courts

Every U.S. state has its own laws governing personal injury and wrongful deathclaims. If you were injured in New York, there is no substitute for counsel from a lawyer who knows the nuances of no-fault insurance law and other statutes unique to this state. You will find exactly that when working with trial-proven litigator Charles Gershbaum. We offer:

  • Prompt, personal attention, including willingness to visit you if you are resting in an NYC hospital or generosity with our time on the phone if you have returned home
  • A sincere commitment to assessing your case thoroughly and providing honest guidance as to whether you should pursue it, what it’s value may be, and what litigation may involve
  • Dedication to keeping you informed of all developments, decision points and milestones — wherever you reside and whatever your preferred mode of communication
  • Ability and determination to win at trial if no fair settlement offer comes forward, backed by prior success in all boroughs and counties in the New York City metro area

Call 212-385-2121 To Speak Directly With A Proven Personal Injury Attorney

When you contact our law firm for a free consultation and case evaluation, you will talk to a lawyer. At no point do you need to worry about your case being “filed away” or passed off to a paralegal. If we believe in it, we will prioritize it — and you will pay no attorney fees if we cannot succeed for you. Se habla español.