Distracted and inattentive driving are certainly not new problems, but mobile technology has brought well-deserved attention to their serious dangers. While there may be no way to get an accurate tally of how many New York auto accidents involve cellphone use, anyone who drives or bicycles frequently knows what a hazard this behavior creates.

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Some accidents defy any other explanation than that the driver was not focused on the roadway. Today, this often means texting while driving or other cellphone use was a factor. If you have reason to suspect that your accident and injuries were caused by this serious form of negligence, you need a knowledgeable, dedicated lawyer on your side.

At Gershbaum & Weisz, P.C., we will prioritize your case and offer personal attention to your needs. Principal litigator Charles Gershbaum has earned favorable outcomes in complex car accident cases throughout the five boroughs, and he will work rigorously to analyze yours and build it for success. Key considerations after a distracted driving accident may include:

  • Although hand-held cellphone use while driving is illegal in New York, enforcement is problematic and it is unlikely an offending driver will be ticketed.
  • There may be other options for establishing that the driver who hit you was using his or her phone, such as locating and deposing witnesses or subpoenaing cellphone records.
  • As in all other significant auto cases, it is imperative to file a no-fault claim directly after the accident. If we handle your bodily injury claim, we take care of the no-fault filing free of charge to ensure your rights to medical and other payments are protected.

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