Pedestrian rundowns and knockdowns are all too common throughout the five boroughs. They happen in crosswalks and even on sidewalks due to drivers' carelessness when turning or changing lanes, leaving or entering alleys and parking ramps. The consequences for victims are often personally devastating and include spinal injuries, brain injuries, fractures and other serious harms.

Decades Of Experience In Insurance Negotiations And At Trial

At the firm of Gershbaum & Weisz, P.C., in Manhattan, crosswalk and intersection accident litigation is a clear strength. We have successfully represented numerous pedestrians and their families. With more than 20 years of relevant case experience, trial lawyer Charles Gershbaum has in-depth knowledge of:

  • All aspects of New York Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL), including pedestrians' right of way in crosswalks, drivers failure to yield and the obligations of drivers in other situations
  • Effective strategies for overcoming driver and insurance company claims that a pedestrian "darted out" into traffic
  • All steps and details necessary for filing no-fault insurance claims to help ensure medical bills are paid and lost wages covered, if applicable

Filing insurance claims and negotiating on your own after a pedestrian accident — or any other car or other motor vehicle crash — are major risks. You may be misled about what your claim is worth and leave money on the table by settling too quickly. A single, honest mistake could leave you with no way to pay thousands in medical bills. Our legal team will take control, keep you informed and work to ensure those things do not happen.

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If you have a back, neck or knee injury or other injuries that could be permanently disabling — or if you have more moderate injuries that are nonetheless painful and costly — we are here to help. Our active communication approach and use of technology will be invaluable if you were injured while visiting New York and need a local attorney familiar with the local laws and rules of the local courts.

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You can count on a realistic assessment of the viability and value of your New York pedestrian accident case when you turn to our law firm. Our work together will begin with a free consultation, and you will pay no attorney fees if we do not succeed with your case. We welcome and value Spanish-speaking clients.