As a bike rider in New York City, I can confirm that, New York drivers do not do a good job of looking out for bike riders. Even the most skilled rider is extremely vulnerable to serious injuries when hit by a car, struck by a car door, a turning truck or bus or other motor vehicle. If this has happened to you or a loved one, fast action to put qualified legal counsel on your side can be critical.

Responsiveness And Fast Action For Bike Crash Victims

At Gershbaum & Weisz, P.C., we will move quickly to investigate your bicycle accident and protect your right to compensation. You will work directly with proven trial lawyer Charles Gershbaum, who is knowledgeable of the issues in such cases as an avid bicyclist himself. While you focus on your medical and personal recovery, we will fight for every dollar you deserve.

Intersection Collisions · Driver Distraction · "Dooring" Accidents

A car-bike collision in Manhattan, another borough or community near the NYC metropolitan area may have left you with an injury that such as back injury, broken clavicle, multiple fractures, brain injury or other life-changing medical problems. The bicycle accident attorney you choose should:

  • Have insight into the possible causes of bicyclist injuries, including texting and driving as well as other distractions, improper turns, failure to yield and incidents where the cyclist is "doored" by a careless driver exiting his or her vehicle
  • Be adept at bringing forth medical evidence, identifying all applicable insurance coverage, and putting an accurate and realistic value on your claim
  • Possess the trial experience essential for compelling an insurance company to propose a fair settlement or invest what is necessary to build the case for court

Do Not Wait To Find The Legal Strength Your Injury Case Requires

Over the past 20-plus years, we have obtained significant verdicts and settlements for personal injury victims and their families in all five NYC boroughs — as well as many people injured while visiting New York. Our firm is respected in the courts and known for providing needed guidance and straight counsel. For a free consultation focused squarely on your needs and legal options, call 800-318-0503 or email us right now. Se habla español.